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Making Money, Keeping Money: Contesting Monday

Making Money, Keeping Money

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Contesting Monday

Good Monday! This month is going so quickly! I am trying to put together all the Nerdkids Halloween costumes before I go to Stanford next week. As we speed headlong into the holidays let us see if we can win some great prizes. It might even help with the Christmas shopping (that we should all be starting soon)!

So here is the deal. If you are hosting a giveaway or have a post about someone's giveaway just leave a link. Make sure this link is to the giveaway post itself and not just the blog or it will be deleted. If you listed it last week but your giveaway is still open, list it again! Also your link must be to something family friendly or it will be deleted. There is a new rule this week. I would appreciate it if all the comments don't include links to your own contest indexes. If you would like ad space, just let me know. I appreciate the consideration! But first, I have a great giveaway on my NerdFamily Things site! I am giving away a copy of the photo software, Muvee Reveal!!!!

So add your giveaway and go enter for some prizes of your own! Tell them Contesting Monday sent you!



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