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Making Money, Keeping Money: WFMW: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Making Money, Keeping Money

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WFMW: Ask and Ye Shall Receive

We have all been there... You spy something in the store that could help you organize but it is not for sale.

It could actually be something that the store might be throwing out but you don't know how to get it. It can be the apple holders out of the bottom of an apple box that would be great to hold ornaments. Or in my most recent case, show boxes. So how do we go about getting them without embarrassing ourselves? I say suck it up and ask. I needed shoe boxes to organize some stuff. I was walking in Target and they had a big basket just full of shoe boxes so I decided to ask what they were going to do with them. The associate said they were just going to recycle them and that I should feel free to take as many as I wanted! I picked out specific sizes and everything!

Another time I was making chocolate cakes (4) for a baby shower and needed to transport them. I couldn't find the right kind of boxes any where so I called Vons. They let me come down and pay them just a couple of bucks and I got a whole stack of boxes!

The moral....If you see something a store doesn't sell and you want just ask!

(Part of WFMW)

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