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Friday, June 12, 2009

Free E-Books

There are a couple of free e-books out there that I thought would be interesting. Now, you don't need a special reader or anything. Usually Adobe Acrobat Reader works great! You could even print them out if you don't want to read on the monitor.

First up is the Recycling Crafts book. It has 42 different projects. Since I think I am going to do mostly homemade presents this year for Christmas, I will really use this! This site has a pop up where you give them your email, you don't have to do it. Just hit close in the top right corner.

The second is the Future Christian Homemakers Handbook. It is designed to work like a curriculum if you want to use it that way. This one you will download in pieces. You can also order a printed copy of the book for $29.95.

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