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Making Money, Keeping Money: The Frugality of Some Farmer's Markets

Making Money, Keeping Money

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Frugality of Some Farmer's Markets

$7! Yes, that is all this huge amount of produce
cost me. Where you may ask? A farmer's market! Now I have heard for years what a good deal farmer's markets are but I have to say that isn't always true. But I may have found the secret. I went to the downtown farmer's market that isn't in what is considered the nicest area. It wasn't dangerous or anything, just low rent which is fine because I ain't high rent;). But I have found that when you go to the ritzy area's farmer's market where people seem to also be having a carnival and organic is the key word, you are going to pay a lot more. Now compare that to this little neighborhood market that is year round and most of the people there are also growing organically. While a farmer's market is usually a good deal over a supermarket, make sure you compare all the markets in your town before you pick a favorite! Now I will be hitting a couple different ones on a regular basis just because I want the pomegranites and cauliflower that are carried at another one but I have now found a favorite. It is already bringing down my food budget and isn't that the best way to save money?
(Just for comparison, this bunch of kale was only $1!)

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