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Making Money, Keeping Money: Frugal Gift for Frugal People

Making Money, Keeping Money

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frugal Gift for Frugal People

Cute isn't it? This is a gift coupon holder. I have heard for years about people who want to start using coupons but find it to intimidating to start. So here is a good cheap way to get them going. To start with I got a plastic organizer from Walmart for less than $4 (watch the sales). Then I got these cute embellishments on clearance that are just peel and stick.

Then I took my label maker and made some easy categories. Then I give them a running start with some coupons. In this one I put in some EPT coupons, Cottonelle, Pillsbury internet coupons (like Grands, sugar cookies, and pizza dough), Totinos and more! So for half and hour and less than $10 bucks you have a sweet little gift!

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