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Making Money, Keeping Money: Carrow's Freebies!

Making Money, Keeping Money

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Carrow's Freebies!

Carrow's Restaurants has some interesting freebies. The first one is a free dessert for signing up for their "E-Club". Just fill out the form and they email you a coupon. There seems to be a promise for more things in the future but I can't promise. The other freebie is a birthday meal for your kids. For this one you have to go into the restaurant and get a form. Now they will say in the restaurant that you can register online but they are wrong! Then during your child's birthday month they send a post card for a free meal. A key is that there is no expiration or use conditions. I started this with my oldest at birth (ie to young to eat their). Recently we took some of the back logged coupons in. We also took in a Buy 1 Get 1 for my husband and I. We put our meals on 1 bill and all the kids on another and we got out of there for the price of 1 meal and 2 drinks for all of us!

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